BlueMark, a Tideline company, is a leading provider of independent impact verification services for investors and companies.

BlueMark®, an independent impact verification company, was created to meet the need for reliable, third-party assurance of impact claims and practices.

BlueMark®, Tideline’s independent impact verification company, was created to meet the need for reliable, third-party assurance of impact claims and practices.

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*As of July 27, 2022

We believe shared trust is essential to scaling market demand for impact investment products and services – just as in any other market – and independent verification is key to establishing and maintaining that trust.

With decades of relevant impact experience, the BlueMark team brings unrivaled knowledge and capabilities necessary to provide a range of specialized impact assurance services.

Our services are structured around two pillars of accountability for impact – Impact Management Practice and Impact Performance – and are designed to help clients increase credibility with investors and satisfy expectations for impact transparency.

BlueMark’s Impact Verification Services


The systems and processes used by an investor or company to manage their impact


The reporting approach used by an investor or company to communicate their impact strategy, goals and results


The systems and processes used by an investor or company to manage their impact


The reporting approach used by an investor or company to communicate their impact strategy, goals and results

Standards and Regulations

BlueMark’s approach to independent verification is grounded in impact investing industry standards, such as the Operating Principles for Impact Management (“Impact Principles”) and the SDG Impact Standards (“SDG Impact”). Given the frequent introduction of new standards and revisions to existing standards, BlueMark works with clients to align their impact practices and impact performance with the most relevant and up-to-date standards and frameworks. BlueMark also actively monitors regulatory developments at the European Commission and SEC on impact and sustainability disclosure requirements.

We started the verification process with opened eyes and ended it with wiser eyes. We learned how much more we can do in this journey, as striving for excellence in our impact practices is not a sprint but a marathon.

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Maria Teresa Zappia, Deputy CEO & Chief Impact and Blended Finance Officer


Best practices in impact management are constantly evolving. To help inform the speed and direction of travel across a range of impact investing practices, BlueMark regularly shares data and insights based on its verifications of investor alignment with the Operating Principles for Impact Management.

Click here to download BlueMark’s third annual Making the Mark report, which is based on the aggregated results of 60 practice verifications for impact investors managing a combined $160 billion in impact AUM.

Read the announcement, featuring the five impact investors named to BlueMark’s inaugural Practice Leaderboard based on their achievement of top quartile ratings across each of the Impact Principles in BlueMark’s Practice Benchmark


Experts across the impact investing industry agree that higher-quality impact performance reporting is critical to ensuring the industry’s integrity.

BlueMark is leading the way on research aimed at improving the quality and usefulness of impact performance reporting reports produced by private market impact investors. The first phase of this research revealed that both LPs and GPs are broadly aligned on what kinds of information an impact report should include, which BlueMark has structured into the “Key Elements” for impact performance reporting.

Click here to download BlueMark’s first Raising the Bar report.

Read a joint statement by institutional allocators who are committed to advancing best practices in impact performance reporting by encouraging their GPs to adopt the “Key Elements” proposed by BlueMark.

Our Approach

We view every verification assignment as an opportunity to partner with our clients to help identify strengths and areas for improvement. BlueMark goes well beyond a ‘check-the-box’ exercise by providing in-depth assessments and benchmarks that advance our clients’ understanding and achievement of best practices. We empower our clients by providing them with an expert, third-party expert opinions on the practical steps and tools they need to succeed.

  • For asset managers, an independent verification exercise is essential to impact achievement and risk mitigation.
  • For asset allocators, independent verification serves as a reliable and efficient input to robust diligence and assurance.
  • And for the impact investing market at large, verification enables increased confidence that impact claims will turn into impact outcomes.

We specifically designed our verification methodology to bring these three benefits to the impact investing market:


By evaluating whether impact investors’ practices and performance are aligned to accepted market standards


By encouraging transparency, adoption of industry best practices, and shared learning that continuously raises the bar for performance


By establishing benchmarks and ratings that allow stakeholders to compare impact investing practices and performance on a consistent basis



LeapFrog Investments is a leading impact investor in emerging markets and in 2019 raised the largest-ever private equity fund by a dedicated impact fund manager, with a $743 million fund investing in healthcare and financial services companies in Asia and Africa. As a leader in the field, LeapFrog played a key consultative role in the development of the Operating Principles for Impact Management, which were launched in 2019 and endorsed by many of the world’s largest and leading asset managers.

LeapFrog recognized the importance of authenticity and accountability to scale the field, and sought out an independent verifier that would be able to both rigorously assess the firm’s impact management systems and provide a roadmap for continued learning and improvement. Bluemark was selected based on its proprietary approach to assessing alignment with each of the Principles and providing detailed feedback on both strengths and potential areas for improvement.

The efficient, four-week engagement resulted in a thorough assessment of LeapFrog’s alignment with each of the Principles, based on the review of hundreds of pages of investment policies, tools, memoranda, and impact reporting. The verification findings for LeapFrog reinforced the firm’s leadership position in impact management and set a high bar for alignment against the Principles. LeapFrog has since leveraged BlueMark’s insights to further strengthen its Profit with Purpose strategy, including through the institutionalization of the firm’s Responsible Exits Framework.