On May 13, 2021, BlueMark hosted an event on “How to Be an Impact Leader” to introduce key findings from the firm’s latest report: Making the Mark: The Benchmark for Impact Investing Practice.


Using data and insights from an initial 30 verifications, BlueMark’s second annual ‘Making the Mark’ report offers an in-depth look at best practices in impact management. And in a first for the impact investing market, the report also introduces a new industry benchmark that is designed to allow market participants to clearly differentiate between impact investing leaders and learners, thereby bringing more transparency and accountability to the impact investment market.

Attendees had an opportunity to hear first-hand from several of BlueMark’s clients that have gone through the verification process to learn how a third-party perspective helped them improve their approach to impact management. The event also featured experts in impact investing discussing the importance of benchmarking and how a shared understanding of opportunities and challenges can advance the field.

Speakers included:

  • Christina Leijonhufvud | CEO, BlueMark
  • Tomi Amosun | Managing Partner, Summit Africa
  • Elizabeth Boggs-Davidsen | Vice President, Office of Development Policy, U.S. International Development Finance Corporation
  • Cecilia Chao | Managing Director, Bain Capital Double Impact
  • Maria Kozloski | Senior Vice President, Innovative Finance, The Rockefeller Foundation
  • Jeremy Rogers | Chief Investment Officer, Big Society Capital

Download the full ‘Making the Mark’ report at