On December 16, 2021, BlueMark hosted an event to mark the launch of a report co-published with Morgan Lewis: Making Sense of Sustainble Investing.


Asset managers today must meet an ever-growing list of rules and expectations from regulators, investors and other stakeholders about their approach to sustainable investing. From the passage of anti-greenwashing rules in Europe to the launch of new standards for sustainability reporting, investment firms face a daunting challenge in trying to keep up with the market’s rapid evolution.

A recent report from BlueMark and Morgan Lewis shows that there are several areas of overlap between regulatory frameworks and market-based frameworks, suggesting a path forward for asset managers regardless of their current commitment to sustainable investing or where they are in their journey. The report discusses these areas of overlap and introduces a four-part roadmap that can be used by any asset manager to align with these frameworks. Download the report here: https://bit.ly/3m69PgD

1. Clarify the specific label or classification used for the sustainable investment strategy (e.g., ESG vs. impact);
2. Identify the practices necessary to substantiate the execution of the strategy;
3. Identify applicable financial regulations and validate that existing practices and disclosures meet the relevant requirements; and
4. Verify that practices and disclosures align with prevailing standards.

An asset manager following these four steps will be well-positioned to both comply with financial regulations and align with industry standards, setting themselves up for long-term success in sustainable investing.

In this panel, BlueMark and Morgan Lewis take an inside look at how the sustainable investment market is evolving and what asset managers can do to prepare for the future.

Speakers included:

  • Sarah Gelfand, Managing Director, BlueMark
  • Lance C. Dial, Partner, Morgan Lewis
  • Andria Weil, Managing Director and Director of Sustainable Investment Policy, Wellington Management Company
  • Keimpe Keuning, Executive Director, LGT Capital Partners