Fodé Diop
Business Development Analyst

Fodé is a Business Development Analyst at BlueMark focused on supporting the firm’s systems and processes for client engagement. He joined the team in May 2022.

Prior to BlueMark, Fodé was the Founder and Executive Director at Fodé Naturals, a natural and sustainable goods provider that focuses on highlighting and promoting African and Indigenous culture. He also worked with The Brotherhood/Sister Sol, a youth development non-profit that offers wrap-around holistic programming for inner city youth, where he supported the development team with data management, fundraising events/opportunities and communications.

Fodé is a Mandé-American artist, organizer, and entrepreneur whose mission is to positively influence the world through organization and talent. As a social entrepreneur, his interests include connecting economics, art & culture, community organizing, and challenging the socioeconomic and political realities we live in. A graduate of SUNY Albany, Fodé studied communications, business and music. In his free time, Fodé produces music, enjoys the outdoors, and spends time with loved ones.